Understanding Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a very basic term but it is a group of diseases, which includes a person’s way of thinking, perceptions, mood and behavior. Mental illness is a long term disease which may be a hurdle in your work life as you can’t focus and concentrate. If these are not concerned properly it may cause stress and stress can worsen the illness to the point where patients develop suicidal thoughts. Here we are going to list some major mental illnesses;

It is referred to as social phobia, is a mental condition that causes extreme forms of danger and fear of people mostly when one doesn’t know them. People with this kind of disease have trouble talking to people and attending social gatherings. One may fear being judged by others. Online therapists at talk space, faithful counselling, and teen counseling offer finest therapy for social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a long term mental condition which may disrupt a person’s attention over work during school or office and it has many symptoms like nausea, blushing, faster heartbeats and trembling.


  • Depression:

Depression is a mental state where your mood is often low with lack of interest and enjoyment, and reduced energy overall. It has different levels of severity. It may be at a very low level or at a very extreme where people have suicidal thoughts, Severe anger and a lot of mood swings.

  • Eating Disorders:

This disease can hit at any age group, usually Female adolescents and young women and gender diverse people experience eating disorders. It’s simple to understand that one doesn’t want to eat anything. It may cause weight loss or even weight gain. It may bring body dissatisfaction and depression which is another mental condition as explained earlier.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

PTSD is a mental condition right after a traumatic situation such as car accident, physical/sexual abuse or natural disasters like forest fires and floods. People can’t help with their stress and are not able to cope with it. To treat it psychotherapy is given by a counselor with few medications as per the patient’s condition. Therapists at talk space, better help and Am well etc. are specialized in helping with PTSD.


Millions of people are going through physical illnesses and hundreds of hospitals are being built to cure these diseases so mental issues are as important as other diseases so we need to focus on it as well and help curing it rather than just ignoring it.

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