Is Hypnotherapy Effective In Treating Panic Attacks?

Is Hypnotherapy Effective In Treating Panic Attacks? Posted On
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For thousands of years, hypnotherapy has been practiced in many forms across many cultures. Both the British and American Medical Associations endorsed modern hypnotherapy as a medical procedure in the mid-20th century. In 1995, the NIH released a statement stating that scientific evidence supported the use of hypnotherapy to treat chronic pain. Hypnotherapy remains an alternative medical practice and is not supported by enough medical research. However, many Psychology and Medical circles accept hypnotherapy as a valid and efficient therapy. Visit for more information about hypnotherapy.

How Do Hypnotherapy Help Panic Attacks?

The current method of hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks treatment is Analytical Hypnotherapy or Hypnoanalysis. This type of hypnotherapy can be described as a highly focused, intensive form of talk therapy. It places the patient in a safe environment and seeks to guide the patient using hypnosis through the process of identifying and treating the root cause of panic attacks, anxiety, or fear. It is believed that if the root cause of anxiety is found and treated, then all associated symptoms (phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.) will be dramatically reduced. Hypnotherapy treatment can be very expensive, time-consuming, and costly. This is similar to regular psychotherapy. It will allow the patient to examine themselves and determine the root cause of their fears and anxieties. Hypnosis can be used to intensify and deepen this process.

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Scientific Evidence

Hypnotherapy is poorly researched and understood. Only a few studies have provided any conclusive evidence regarding the effectiveness and safety of hypnotherapy in treating panic attacks. Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy can reduce anxiety and chronic pain. Some research suggests that hypnotherapy may not be as effective as cognitive-behavioral therapy or group therapy. There is ample evidence to show that hypnotherapy can make a difference for many people.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Panic Attacks?

The debate around Hypnotherapy centers on the argument that Hypnotherapy has not been proven to produce positive results beyond the placebo effect. This means that there is no evidence that Hypnotherapy produces any positive results. People suffering from panic attacks should seriously consider Hypnotherapy as a treatment option. Hypnotherapy’s benefits are not due to a psychological placebo effect. The results for you would be the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for relief from anxiety or panic attacks, this method will work for you.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that hypnotherapy can be an effective and powerful therapy to address anxiety and panic attacks. Try a few sessions of hypnotherapy to see if it has any effect on your anxiety and well-being. If hypnotherapy seems to bring you a greater sense of calmness, then you should continue to use this type of therapy.

When it comes to anxiety and psychology, it is important to recognize that each patient is unique and to find the right treatment for you. You will be able to stop panic attacks by finding hypnotherapy a powerful treatment.

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