Top 8 Essential Oil Bath Bombs You Can’t Miss-Out On

Top 8 Essential Oil Bath Bombs You Can’t Miss-Out On Posted On
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Amid a hectic day, you must have wished for a warm, relaxing bath at least once. There is only one best thing that can happen to you when you are weary and willing to take a break. And one thing that is even better than that is adding a sumptuous essential oil bath bomb to your tub time. Bath bombs give you a spa vibe within seconds. Embraced with essential oils, these bombs explode a peaceful and unique scent, which is also good for our wellbeing.

Rivetingly, you can make this gem with gorgeous colors and intoxicating scents at home. Because these luxuries come with lavish price tags, many people aren’t able to try them even once. We believe that these soothing balls with unforgettable fragrances should be something that anybody can enjoy whenever they need a little pampering and peace of mind.

Therefore, making an essential oil bath bomb has been made easy with so many DIY recipes available online. Fortunately, creating your own bath ball gives you the freedom to choose scents and oils, without hurting your pocket.

Now, choosing the right recipe can be a little bamboozling at first. It is easiest to start with the ones that appeal most to you, after all, they will dissolve in your bathtub only. So, read here the top eight bath bombs with essential oils as their key ingredients that you have to try at least once.


Lavender oil is a popular fragrance choice that most people use while taking shower. This essential oil conjures dreams of carefree days spent under cloudless skies with its medium-strength scent. The floral scent it imparts with balsamic woody undertones drives your senses inside out and lets you find serenity at your home. Lavender is also believed to boost general wellbeing.


Rejuvenate your tired limbs with the best-selling peppermint essential oil bath bomb. Say bye to the worn-out and exhausted feeling that work-life balancing often results in, with a strong aroma of peppermint. Most sellers of fragrance scents or oils combine spearmint and water mint plants to generate a crisp perfume that permeates the senses. It is also said that this peppermint oil is also great for our health and packs a punch as it relieves aching joints, coughs, colds, & sneezes.

Sweet Orange

Now comes a citric oil that is irresistible and holds anti-inflammatory properties. The sweet orange essential oil is derived from real orange peels and feels refreshing when mixed in your bathtub. Its strong citrus scent and zesty clean fragrance make it perfect for creating uplifting bathing balls that spruce up your mood instantly.

Tea Tree

Who doesn’t know the health and beauty benefits of tea trees? It is the go-to product of those who are environment and health-conscious. For ages, the tea tree has been used as a natural remedy, and its fragrance alone is said to promote healing. Its scent is usually blended with other essential oils to be finally used in homemade bath bombs.


Often preferred by men, Bergamot is one of many flavorings in Earl Grey Tea. Unlike many others, it oozes a sweet smell in your bathtub, which is quite relaxing and spicy for an exotic touch.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang soothes your mind after a long hectic day. It has a heady and exotic aroma that will whisk you to another world while you bathe. You can also blend this pristine gem with bergamot and add a profound touch of luxury to your homemade bath ball.


For those who are looking for a distinctive scent to harness their senses, eucalyptus is the one. This oil blends well with lavender or tea tree essential oils and creates a one-of-its-kind bathtub bomb with a powerful odor.


Another citrus scent that you can’t go without is lemon. It is extracted from the zest of Italian lemons. Its oil form pervades a fruity aroma that helps you recharge before or after a long day.

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