The Benefits of Connecting With Patients Via Text Messaging

The Benefits of Connecting With Patients Via Text Messaging Posted On
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Healthcare Texting And Patient Care

The world is full of precise medicine, robotic technology electronic health records, portals for patients and telemedicine platforms. Technology has enhanced and simplified healthcare in many fascinating ways. It’s easy to overlook that, in the realm of healthcare, more simple digital technology can also be effective in aiding in the promotion of the health of patients. One of these platforms can be text messages. Many physicians’ practices and hospital departments have launched text messaging for medical practice in order for patients to talk to them.

There are many advantages of using a text message service within your hospital or medical practice department. It includes:

  • Promotes Preventative Health

Secure text messaging is a great way for reminding patients of taking their medications as well as complete other home activities related to health for example, fasting before surgery, etc. This is advantageous as reminders can aid patients in staying in control of their personal medical care from home. This could improve the outcome. Patients prefer messages via text message to communicate. The study looked at the patients that received reminders via a variety of types of communication prior to surgery, including text messages, voicemails and emails. The majority of patients surveyed about 80 percent indicated that text messages were the best method to receive the message.

  • Improves Scheduling

Infrequent appointments are the norm and can cost the medical practice time and cash. The main benefit of a text messaging system is that it has the potential to significantly increase attendance for patients, Fire Text explained. This is not even mentioning the possibility that missed appointments can pose a risk to a patient’s health especially if they have to monitor by a medical expert on a regular basis.

  • Reduces Costs

The expense of administrative work can be reduced by secure messaging systems that can send messages to multiple patients at the same time According to research that was that was published in Health Services and Delivery Research journal. For instance, prior to the advent of SMS, reminders for patients required secretaries by phone and SMS is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Text Messaging in Healthcare: Benefits and Risks

  • Improves Communication

According to Fire Text noted, text messaging is effective in increasing communication between healthcare providers and patients. Indeed, through regular reminders and reminders, patients are likely to be more educated and confident to take control of their medical care.

The Bottom Line

As per the Medical Protection detailed, an SMS service can be utilized for basic tasks, such as reminding patients of appointments, advising patients of the time of the test results’ arrival and so on. Secure text messaging services can be developed and implemented by third party service providers. Messages can be delivered to computers. In other words, doctors and medical personnel should not make use of their personal numbers or a cell phone used for practice to take care of calls. It is also essential to be aware that prior to text messages being distributed, patients must be explicit, in writing in writing, that they’re at ease with receiving messages in this manner, Physicians Practice stated.

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