Signs That You Are Not Eating Enough

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We are what we eat, and what we don’t eat. People think just overeating is bad, but not eating enough also has implications for your health.

Naturally, much like any machine, your body also needs fuel for to function properly, and without it, machine will falter in its functioning. It will enter into optimal mode, whereby energy is expended over just the necessary processes, not the essential ones. This then leads to poor overall health of the machine, not to mention issues with performance.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where being skinny is coveted. While some people might not eat enough due to financial problems or other health concerns, many stop eating for the sake of losing weight, not realizing the price that they are paying.

It is not just the gut that pays the price, requiring then the help of the Best Gastroenterologist in Lahore but the entire health can suffer even with the short-term lack of calories.

Concerning causes of undereating include eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Similarly, depression and some mental health disorders can also cause people to experience dietary changes.

Signs You Are Not Eating Enough


People who don’t eat enough are more likely to be constipated.


Not having energy levels is a sign that your diet is insufficient. Since the body is not getting the calories, there is less energy being produced in the body. This causes constant state of lethargy and fatigue.

Moreover, the fatigue might then increase with increase in physical activity. Doing even little exertion can cause the person to feel extremely drained. Insufficient consumption of calories can also cause the person to be a perpetual state of exhaustion.

Fertility Problems

Due to lack of proper nutrition, there can be hormonal issues in women. They then don’t have a regular cycle, there ovulation process gets under the knife. Consequently, it causes fertility problems in them.

5 Signs You Are Not Eating Enough Calories | The NY Journal – The State

Hair Loss

Another sign that you are not eating enough is hair loss. While we lose few strands here and there but having major chunks of hairs falling off your head is an alarming indicator of insufficient nutrition.

Hormonal Problems

Hormones are chemicals that regulate the important processes around the body. If their levels are skewed, the entire body suffers as a consequence.

Weight loss, or insufficient caloric intake, can lead to changes in the hormone levels, which naturally does not bode well for the body. Many people then suffer from ill health, issues like inability to get pregnant, changes in menstrual cycle, growth problems then manifest.

Loss Of Muscle Mass

One of the dangers of losing weight by the way of starving yourself is that it causes the loss of muscle mass. Moreover, when you don’t eat enough for longer periods of time, your body enters the perseveration mode. It causes the metabolism rate to decrease.

Ironically, in this state, body starts to store fat, as it perceives itself to be under hostile conditions like famine, that are remarked by prolonged periods of hunger.

Sleep Issues

Lack of sufficient nutrition can also be a sign of insufficient nutrition. It not only is because of the hormonal changes that occur in the body as a result, but the hunger pangs can also be behind the lack of sleep.

Slow Metabolism

Consuming less than a thousand calories per day can lead to the metabolism slowing down. The requirement for energy for digesting food is decreased, which also then slows the metabolism down as well.

Naturally, as the body needs fuel as a precursor for the important process, lack of it then means that these processes are also then slowed down, if not stopped altogether.

Mental Health Problems

Dietary problems can also affect your mental health. Insufficient diet can lead to issues like anxiety, irritability and even depression, that then require the intervention of the mental health expert via

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