Necessary Steps to Take to Become an Emergency Medical Technician

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If you aspire to become an emergency medical technician, millions of people around the country applaud your dedication, selflessness, and skill. Although it isn’t an easy path, it is a rewarding one. In this guide, you’ll learn all about the role and the steps required to reach your dream job.

What’s an EMT?

Short for an emergency medical technician, this career path is for those who wish to provide emergency support for anybody in danger. While some become first responders and visit people who have been injured, others join paramedics and work in a team. Either way, you’ll need to arrive quickly at incidents, assess the situation, triage all potential patients, and then provide the right treatment.

The role of an EMT certainly comes with lots of stress and pressure, but some people are perfect for this sort of service. They thrive under pressure and love the feeling of helping people in need.

About the Role

According to many sources, this role is expected to grow in the next five years, and this means that opportunities will continue to open for those who want them. For example, 10% growth is expected in the number of available jobs between now and 2026. Although salary all depends on your experience and your time in the job, the average salary across Australia is just over $110,000.

Becoming an EMT

How do you become an emergency medical technician or paramedic? Firstly, it’s always good to start your journey with a foundation of knowledge. Therefore, it’s wise to complete a first aid course so that you have a qualification and understand more about what it takes to become an EMT.

You can start by taking first aid courses in QLD, you’ll learn about providing first aid at work, at home, or in public. What’s more, you can complete courses in mental health first aid, childcare first aid, and CPR.

If you complete the first aid course and are passionate about continuing, you should explore the three pathways below:

Option 1 – Firstly, the most common way to enter this field is to get a degree and study over three years. In Australia, you’ll find a Bachelor’s in Paramedic Science, and this will teach you everything you need to know. During your studies, you’ll become a student paramedic and can start working with a state ambulance service. After completing the degree, you can then get a full-time job and live out your dreams.

The most exciting part about this process is sending your application to the Paramedicine Board of Australia. After an anxious wait, you’ll then receive accreditation, and your friends and family can officially call you an EMT.

Option 2 – If you have a house, children, mortgage, and lots of other pressures, you can’t afford to just stop working and start a degree. Consequently, the second option is to take a paramedical course from a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institute.

Option 3 – Alternatively, more people are starting to choose this route and it entails a Diploma of Paramedical Science. These days, diplomas in this field are recognised around the country and you can even complete the course from the comfort of your own home. From here, you can apply for jobs as a private medic, EMT, mining medic, event medic, and more.

Here are the necessary steps to become an emergency medical technician:

  • Prove your Australian residence
  • Ensure you have a driving license
  • Follow one of the pathways above
  • Contact the Paramedicine Board of Australia for accreditation
  • Apply for jobs and enter the field

Good luck!

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