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Where To Get Medical Marijuana License For Selling

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Posted By Steffy Alen

 Like all other businesses that’s subject to various licensing, permit, and registration requirements, the cannabis industry is also regulated – strictly. Regulations are put in place for various reasons, be it public safety, documentation, tax, or others, you need to be licensed or granted permission by competent authority to engage or operate in a business niche or occupation or in an activity, otherwise it’s unlawful.

If you’re into cannabis, and plans to sell strains yourself, know that acquiring a license for selling is specifically complicated. Confirming requirements not only vary from state to state, it’s issuance depends on what business category you’re in – is the cultivation, retail, medical, etc., and which city or what county location you’re planning to supply in.

How To Legally Operate Medical Marijuana Business

You’re required to meet all necessary business license, permit, registration, and other requirements to legally operate your company. In order for you to get on foot in this business, here are some BUSINESS LICENSING BASICS you need to familiar with before starting up your cannabis store:

  • General Business License – this license that’s required to be renewed annually allows you to legally operate in your city or county. However, this does not give you consent to operate a cannabis business yet.
  • Business Formation – determine what’s your business formation. Are you incorporating your business or forming an LLC with the state to protect your personal assets from debts or liabilities that’ll potentially arise?
  • Tax Identification Number – Your federal tax identification number, also called an employer identification number (EIN) is required by IRS to use as reference in identifying your business for anything related to taxes.
  • Permits – you’ll need permit from the health department (if business requires food preparation), signage, land use or lease, zoning, also of course Sales Tax Permit, which is for retailers of physical or digital products or services, both online and offline.
  • DBA Filing – DBA (Doing Business As) allows you to conduct business using a different name than the name included in your incorporation papers.

Business license requirements for cannabis vast greatly from state to state and between municipalities. Some states hold an open application period and give out many licenses, while others have more restrictions and limits their license issuance. Also, there are circumscription to residency and background (those with previous convictions may not be eligible), which can apply to owners, contractors and employees.

Cannabis Business Categories

  • Cultivation – this category is one that’s heavily regulated. It requires an assertive sot review, and proven horticultural knowledge in a practical manner.
  • Retail – some states may require you a guarantee to provide adequate product and building security in place.
  • Investors – There are specific regulatory and statutory provisions if you’re planning to invest in the cannabis industry.
  • Edibles – Some states may require you to cook and maintain your product in a commercial kitchen.
  • Medical – Cannabis has a lot to offer in terms of the medical industry. Its THC and CBD content help to produce a drug that cures specific disease and conditions like cancer, epilepsy etc.

Where To Apply For Medical Marijuana License

In California, there are three departments /agencies that’s responsible for – selling marijuana – license: Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, and Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch. You can choose which one you’d like to inquire into. If you’re browsing for premium quality cannabis or looking for a third party supplier that’ll feed on your cannabis business, buy Mary Jane Garden marijuana, or sift to try their high standard strain that’s absolutely one of a kind. Choose the best dispensary or online store that’s rightful for you and your business.

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