What You Should Know About Caribbean Medical Schools?

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Choosing the right medical school is the most pivotal step in the life of a medical aspirant. Your learning and training in that institute will help you develop the right expertise and give you ample amount of exposure needed to be a physician.

In recent times, admission in one of the top Caribbean Medical School has risen due to the high quality of education that they provide which helps students make a strong foundation for themselves.

What also adds to their popularity is that unlike U.S. medical school who turn down many capable students due to stringent admission measures, the Caribbean schools are more relaxed with their admission criteria. The best part is that the curriculum of the latter is equally good as their U.S. counterpart.

Why study in the Caribbean medical school? 

The Caribbean medical school are fast catching the eye of medical students who are looking for excellent education at affordable prices. SABA University for example already holds a 99% first-time pass rate of USMLE Step1.

All this is due to the unique approach that such medical schools have towards education. They are completely invested in creating a rich curriculum that meets modern medical developments and trends and also provides a good amount of industry exposure.

Caribbean medical school also emphasis on smaller class size where each student can be given individual attention which helps the teacher focus on them better. This also allows in addressing the concerns and queries of every student, ensuring that they are making most of the learning offered.

Things to consider while choosing a Caribbean Medical School 

The idea of studying in the beautiful location of the Caribbean is certainly lucrative but before taking the plunge, you have to do some research into finding a suitable medical school. Some of the things that you need to consider or know of are:

Accredited programs 

The first and the most important thing that you need to take into consideration is that the medical school program is accredited. This means that the school is an established and recognised institute whose degree holds weightage across the globe.

Clinical Rotation

 Clinical rotations are given a lot of importance by the medical fraternity as it gives students their first experience into clinical learning. During this time medical students are taken to hospitals where they observe physicians treating patients and also get to do diagnosis under supervision. Some of the Caribbean medical schools offer clinical rotation during the 3rd and 4th years in various countries including the U.S. This means if you are applying for residency in the U.S. then the clinical rotation can be of great use to you.

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Admission criteria

While Caribbean medical school are more open to taking capable students from around the world and have less strict admission criteria, there are some requirements that you have to fulfil. Educational qualification including good MCAT score and excellent grades are some of the essential pre-requisites that students have to fulfil.

Also, another amazing thing about studying in the Caribbean is that the programs offered are in English which is a popularly spoken language on the island. The place also offers a great student life which is especially helpful in easing the pressure of medical studies.

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