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What Dental Emergencies Lead Us To A Tooth Extraction?

What Dental Emergencies Lead Us To A Tooth Extraction? Posted On
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Many patients who visit a dentist with a severe toothache are concerned about whether their tooth should be extracted and require an implant or not. In advanced dentistry, tooth extraction is not a therapeutic solution, and the dentist uses various methods such as filling a decayed tooth, root canal, etc. to manage emergency dental problems. So, a dentist tries not to pull a tooth as far as possible. Tooth extraction is done for only a few limited emergency dental cases, such as severe injury, severe infection, gum disease, etc. If you need to read more articles about emergency dental treatments, visit Toronto Emergency Dentist.


Severe Tooth Decay

One of the tooth extraction emergencies is when the tooth is severely damaged due to deep caries and cannot be repaired. This condition occurs when caries reaches the center of the tooth or the pulp. Bacteria produced by caries invade the pulp and cause infection. In these cases, the root canal can help treat oral infection, but the tooth should be extracted if it is critical.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease includes infection of the gums, ligaments, jawbone, and other tissues around the tooth. Periodontal disease in the early stages is gingivitis, which remains a gingival infection but if left untreated. In the more progressed stages of gum disease, it affects the ligaments and jawbone significantly. Sometimes, the infection becomes so intense that it is not possible to cure without tooth extraction.

Pull The Teeth Under The Gums

Sometimes some teeth remain under the gums and cannot grow. The presence of these subgingival teeth causes other teeth to fall out of place or disrupt their order. In this case, the dentist has to extract the tooth that is under the gums surgically. Removing these types of teeth also reduces the risk of infection. If there is a huge gap left in the patient’s mouth after the tooth extraction, the dentist will recommend the dental implant method.

Prevent Teeth From Overlapping

One or more teeth pull-out may be necessary to prevent the teeth from overlapping in the mouth. When the patient comes for orthodontic treatment, and his jaw does not have enough space to move and re-align the teeth, the specialist may have to extract one or some teeth to start the treatment.

Tooth Extraction After An Accident Or Sports Injuries

Usually, after car accidents or sports injuries, some of the teeth are severely damaged, and tooth extraction seems necessary. In this case, the dentist recommends using dental implants immediately after tooth extraction to avoid consequences such as jaw bone degeneration.

Teeth Displacement In The Jaw

Sometimes if one or more teeth are shaken or tilted and take up space between the teeth. The order of the teeth in the jaw is disturbed. If the patient doesn’t receive emergency dental care, the other teeth get seriously damaged. For this reason, a dentist pulls out the displaced tooth, which is actually removed from its original place in the jaw.

Prevent Damage To Other Teeth

If a dentist cannot replace a tooth in a wrong location by any method such as orthodontics or shaving part of the enamel, he extracts the desired tooth. He fills its gap with dental implants if there is enough space left. A displaced tooth damages the around teeth and gum tissue.

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