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There is no doubt that smoking is bad for your health. The toxins produced by burning tobacco cause the illness and destroy the lungs. It is seen that your health gets healed from discontinuing smoking. But quitting the habit of smoking is the tough job. Vaping helps in reducing the harm of smoking, but it is not the healthiest option. Don’t vape if you are not a smoker, but use it if you want to quit smoking.

Use Of Vaping Exposes The User To Fewer Toxicants Than The Smoking Tobacco Cigarette.

The difference between smoking and vaping is that by burning tobacco during smoking nicotine is delivered. The amount of nicotine in the cigarette is definite, and the amount you inhale depends on how you smoke. And vaping deliver nicotine by heating the liquid but is a much less harmful way than smoking. The strength of the e-liquid you choose to vape and the vaping method determines the amount of nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.

Vaping gives the similar experience as smoking cigarette and helps the smoker to quit the ill-habit. Vaping can be done in social with hand to mouth action just as smoking. It provides sensations like the smoking of a cigarette, with a similar taste and throat sensations.

Apart from the initial set up cost, the vaping price is much lesser than smoking. E-cigarette heat the nicotine that is extracted from the tobacco, flavouring and other chemicals. It is used to create an aerosol that you inhale, exposing yourself to fewer toxic chemicals than the traditional cigarette.

So Is Vaping Bad For The User?

Many facts about vaping are still unknown. Some studies show that there is a link to chronic lung disease and asthma and other related issues due to the dual-use of e-cigarette and smoking. It causes cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

The e-cigarette with extra strength cartridges which have a higher concentration of nicotine is available in the market. You may also increase the e-cigarette voltage to get the greater hit of the substance on the mouth and throat.

Another disadvantage of e-cigarette is that it is not approved by the FDA as smoking cessation devices, though it is highly marketed as to alternative for quitting the habit of smoking.

Vaping Facts

Smoking causes various oral health problems, including the high risk for mouth, throat and esophageal cancers. Cigarettes can also cause dental, periodontal disease, and gum disorders. The studies concluded that the bacterial profile of vapers was similar to the non-vaping group, and doesn’t alter the micro biome in the mouth.

Everyone is aware of the strong link between smoking and health issues such as heart disease and cancer. And it is vital to quit the habit as quickly as possible for the body to rebound and repair itself. Vaping is one of the best cessation tools by getting nicotine with lesser content of toxin that comes from burning tobacco. Vaping products such portable and convenient Uwell pods kit and IQOS heated tobacco sticks offer the authentic smoking experience that helps the transition from cigarette convenient and are viable long term tool to substitute smoking and reduce the implications of tobacco.

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