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The Real Truth about Sun Cancer and how it Impacts the Skin

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Sun cancer is just another name for cancer of the skin. This condition happens and it happens more often than we should believe. Having skin cancer can be a problem but chances are you can prevent this condition. Keep reading to discover the real truth about sun cancer and how it can impact your skin and your health.

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The Winter Time can make you Develop Skin Cancer over Time

Many people believe that sun cancer only happens to individuals who walk around half-naked on beaches or spend time lying in a sun tanning bed in a spa. However, the sun can be just as brutal on a person’s skin during the dark and cold winter months. Did you know that incidents of skin cancer can also be found among populations that spend a lot of time in cold and snow regions? Why does this happen? We’ll it has to do with UV light.

UV light reflects off snow and ice. These two elements can intensify the effects of UV light. When people go skiing, they expose themselves to the light of the sun. While their bodies might be covered, their faces are still revealed. Sun exposure creates problems for them too. There might be less sunlight during the cold wintry months, but the sun’s powerful UV light will continue to burn on.

Sunscreen is not a Complete Safeguard against UV Damage

Sunscreen is a substance that is designed to stop UV light. While sunscreen is important for stopping the damaging effects of sunlight, it will not always protect you from this substance. For instance, SunDoctors understands that no sunscreen is 100% proof. No screen can totally block out all of the harmful rays of the sun. However, the higher-rated sunscreen brands can minimize its effects. Get a sunscreen with a higher rating and use it. The stronger the higher the number the better the protection.

Darker People are not more Immune to Skin Cancer

Darker people are not more immune to skin cancer. These individuals can also contract this skin disease. Their skin cells might be more resistant to the effects of UV light in the short run but over a long period of time, the skin cancer for this group can be fatal as well. African Americans, Asians and Latinos typically develop skin cancer later in life. If a person from one of these ethnic groups is impacted by cancer, they will usually figure out they have it before their situation is terminal. By the way, people with fair skin, blue or green eyes and/or with blond, red or light brown hair will typically develop cancer.

Tanning Salons are Better for Skin than the Sun

Tanning salons are not better for your skin than the sun. As a matter of fact, tanning salons are dangerous for a person’s skin. They use intensified UV lighting to darken the skin. As a matter of fact, a tanning bed’s design is what causes it to create cancer within a person’s skin. By the way, it will take more than one session for a person to develop cancer. Repeated sessions over an extended time can lead to skin cancer.

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Skin cancer is not going to just happen from being exposed to the sun. if that was the case every person would develop this condition. We can’t hide from the sun. It’s all around us and its UV rays are ever-present. The main thing to remember is to limit direct exposure for extended periods of time, wear sun protection and try to avoid tanning as much as possible.

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