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The Magic of Iranian Rose Water

The Magic of Iranian Rose Water Posted On
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If you think roses equate to opulence and sophistication, wait till you hear about Iranian rose water – an important part of Iranian heritage and culture. The Persian equivalent of ambrosia, it has been embraced for thousands of years in Iran’s cuisine, medicine, and tradition. It is bountiful in antioxidants and vitamins that bring wonders to one’s overall well-being. There’s a reason why rose water has been prized since Cleopatra’s time, and it’s not going away any time soon.

Iranian Rose Water

As the name suggests, Iranian rose water originated in Iran where their technique of distilling rose essential oils into water was developed more than 2,000 years ago. This is also no surprise considering that roses are indigenous to Iran. The rose water is made from damask rose petals that have been submerged in water and simmered gently for several hours. In Ghamsar, some distilleries even collect the steam and cool it back into liquid in order to pour it over a second batch of petals for another round of simmering and distilling. This process increases the potency and scent of their rose water which makes Iranian rose water the most prized in the world.

How to use Iranian Rose Water

This floral elixir can be used in many ways. While your first instinct would be to use it as a perfume, it can also be used for cooking, skincare, and its medicinal properties. It is popularly used to give a floral aroma to ice creams, nougats, and baklava. In Iran, it is also often used as a remedy for all types of ailments. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to call Iranian rose water as perfumed liquid gold.

Here’s a list of how Iranian rose water can be beneficial to you:

Gentle on your skin

Iranian rose water helps maintain the skin’s pH balance and is gentle for the skin. It also helps prevent excess oil productions as rose water is essentially a good moisturizer for your skin.

It is soothing and cleansing

Rose water contains anti-inflammatory properties extracted from rose petals that helps reduce redness and irritation from your skin. It can also aid in getting rid of acne and acne marks. Rose water also helps in soothing dermatitis and eczema. It can also act as a great cleanser since it can remove oil and dirt that clogs your pores.

It has astringent properties

Applying rose water to your face as cleanser and toner can do great wonders for your skin. Its astringent properties help in cleaning and toning your pores since it tightens the capillaries and reduces the redness of your skin.

A mood enhancer

Rose water gives off a potent scent that helps alleviate your mood by reducing anxiety and stress. A spritz of rose water on your surroundings can help take your negativity away and replace it with a soothing calmness.

Anti-aging properties

Due to its high level of antioxidants, rose water helps in strengthening skin cells and aids in skin regeneration. It keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay and contributes to healing scars, cuts, and wounds. Its moisturizing and revitalizing properties also keep the skin young and hydrated.

Iranian rose water is a prized part of Iran’s culture and heritage. The amount of care and dexterity it takes to produce rose water only proves its value. Its versatility allows for rose water to be used in many ways. If you want to experience the magic that this perfumed liquid potion offers, go ahead and give it a try!


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