Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Partner

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Many people have been hurt by their partner’s choice to step outside of their relationship boundaries and cheat on them. In some cases, both the partners cheat on one another, while in most of the cases, it is just one partner. And as a result, many betrayed partners often wonder why it happened. There is no one-size-fits-all for all the cases, and often there is no satisfying answer for an individual situation. Infidelity is not easy for both the partners, whether you got cheated on or whether you were the one who cheated on your partner. After infidelity in a relationship, some decide to end their marriage or relationship, while others decide to work through it. If you and your partner want to work through the relationship despite the hardship, look for a reliable counselor for the Best Couples Counseling Rye NY to guide you through the process.Following are some of the common explanations to understand why an affair happened:

They Are Unhappy In The Relationship– Dissatisfaction with the relationship is one of the main reasons why people often cheat on their partners. Some people cannot do long-distance relationships, which is another unfortunate reason. And when the spark is gone from the relationship, people often seek fulfilment from elsewhere. When someone doesn’t feel loved, cared for, valued, admired, or respected by their partner, they may choose to seek out for someone who loves, cares for, values, and respects them. However, it can also happen when they are generally happy in the relationship.

They Are Not Happy With Themselves– For some people, even when they are in love with their partner and are happy in the relationship that they’re in; having an affair is a way for them to feel better about themselves. They try to prove to themselves that they still got it by crossing the boundaries of their relationship. Usually, individuals with low self-esteem are susceptible to this kind of affair. And with their need to feel attractive can let them go out and cross the boundary.

They Don’t Like How Their Life Is Turning Out– It can also happen when one is unhappy about their life and how things are unfolding. They take an affair as a way to reclaim a part of their life that has been lost. People in their 30s and 40s have a lot of things going on in their lives, and for some, an unexpected fling or a secret relationship with a younger partner or someone else can bring back those feelings. An affair can make them feel alive if they are unhappy.

They Are Seeking for Excitement– Long-term relationships and marriages provide security and stability, while on the other hand, it can be boring in comparison to something new. The excitement of a new relationship in nature is temporary, but the love that is achieved in marriage is deeper and more satisfying than the excitement of infatuation. The excitement and the feeling of a new romance can be easy to find and feel, but a long-lasting love is hard work. And unfortunately, some people prefer to pursue a quick romance.

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They Fall Prey To Temptation– For some people, they fall prey to temptation, it wasn’t something that they sought out for, nor they were searching for an element to fulfil their life. It is normal to feel attracted to other men and women even after marriage, and committing to a relationship means setting boundaries and avoiding things that you desire. And some people fail to remain themselves in situations where temptations and opportunities are present, which can end up breaking boundaries.

These are some of the reasons why people often end up cheating on their spouses. Infidelity in a relationship can do a great deal of damage to both, however finding Couples Counselling Cost RYE NY recommended so you get to choose the right counsel option for you.

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