Pcos – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Plans

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a very common hormonal disorder that affects over 10% of women in their reproductive age. Sadly, we are seeing a drastic jump in the numbers over the past few years. But the good news is that it also indicates the increased awareness regarding the condition, leading to early diagnosis. Moreover, girls or women have easier access to advanced treatment programs that lessens the chance of getting health complications later on. In this write-up we will look into the symptoms, causes and treatment plans for PCOS.

What is PCOS and Why Does It Happen?

As you may know, PCOS is the acronym for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  which simply means the presence of multiple cysts in the ovaries. And a woman’s ovaries can also look enlarged if she is dealing with PCOS. These cysts are caused by irregular menstrual cycles. They are basically the small egg follicles that do not grow into ovulation. They later develop into cysts over time. This is caused by hormonal imbalance. Irregular periods are one of the most prominent symptoms of PCOS in patients. The condition can only be confirmed with an ultrasound examination of Ovaries and Uterus.

Symptoms of PCOS

PCOS is a chronic condition which can affect the overall health of the patient and will result in a lot of symptoms. But the symptoms experienced by each woman may be different based on the severity of their condition.

  • Irregular Periods: This is one of the most prevalent symptoms of PCOS. If a woman is often experiencing delayed periods or no periods at all for more than 2 months, then it is better to get yourself checked without any delay.
  • Weight Gain: Another common symptom would be unwanted weight gain and especially an increase in belly fat.
  • Acne or Oily Skin: Now, most of us must have dealt with skin problems and acne during puberty. But these problems tend to get worse when we deal with PCOS. It can even cause darkening of skin and skin tags in some cases.
  • Hair Loss: Hair loss is another symptom which is often linked with PCOS. Not all girls experiencing hair loss have PCOS but most PCOS patients tend to experience thinning of hair.
  • Unwanted Hair Growth: Women with PCOS may experience unwanted hair growth mostly on body parts where men usually have hair, including chest, stomach and back. PCOS can even cause facial hair in some cases.
  • Mood Swings: Our hormone levels can greatly influence our mood and thus it comes as no surprise that hormone imbalance being the root cause of PCOS often presents itself as mood swings.
  • Fatigue: Women with PCOS often feel extreme tiredness and fatigue for no reason. This would affect their functionality, making it difficult to complete everyday tasks.

Causes of PCOS

Unfortunately the exact cause of PCOS is still unknown. But genetics, lifestyle, diet, stress and other factors can be linked to the condition. The hormone imbalance is seen as an increase in Androgen levels, which is a male hormone. This hormone imbalance affects women’s menstrual cycle. Along with this they may also develop insulin resistance, in which the body is unable to use the insulin properly.

What Happens When PCOS is Left Untreated

  • Infertility: PCOS is often the number one cause of infertility in women. The irregular menstrual cycle will lessen the chances of conceiving for most women. But having PCOS does not mean that a woman will be infertile, pregnancy with PCOS is surely possible if one is able to manage the condition well.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Women who have PCOS are more prone to developing type 2 diabetes later on. The insulin resistant PCOS can progress into diabetes over time which is a serious concern.

Treatment Plans for PCOS

The first step for treatment for PCOS is early diagnosis. Most women find out about their PCOS in their 20s or 30s but any girl who has hit puberty may have this condition irrespective of their age. In the past, the treatment for PCOS was limited to birth control pills to regulate hormone levels. But recent studies have proved that such temporary treatments can do more harm than good in the long run.

And that’s why PCOS is now treated as an Endocrine disease which needs to be treated with changes in diet, lifestyle and more. PCOS is more or less similar to diabetes which means permanent cure is not possible. But you can still live a healthy and normal life by switching to a healthy way of living to manage it better.

These days, many healthcare providers have specialised treatment programs for PCOS management and I will list down top 5 PCOS treatment centres in India.

Apollo Womens Hospital, Chennai: Just as the name suggests, Apollo womens hospital is one of the best treatment centres for PCOS in Chennai. They mainly focus on fertility issues and have a specialised treatment program for PCOS as well. Dr. Abhirami S, who is one of the well known Gynaecologists from the city is a part of the team.

Ginihealth, Mohali: It is one of the best wellness centres in Chandigarh and provides treatment for a number of Endocrine diseases including PCOS. They have a specialised PCOS management program which is further customised as per patient’s condition. In addition to consultation from renowned Endocrinologist Dr. Anil Bhansali, patients also get guidance from experienced dieticians and lifestyle coaches which makes their approach more holistic.

Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai: Jaslok hospital is one of the top PCOS treatment centres in Mumbai. They have Dr. Duru Shah, a well known Gynecologist with specialisation in treating PCOS and other infertility issues in women. They have a team of experts to provide specialised care to PCOS patients.

Kims Hospital, Hyderabad: Kims Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in South India and has many branches including the one in  Hyderabad. Dr. Havya Polavarapu is the Gynecologist in charge of providing specialised treatment to women dealing with PCOS.

MAK Speciality Health Center, Bangalore: Mak Speciality Health center is one of the best wellness clinics in Bangalore when it comes to Gynecology and reproductive health. They have a team of experts including Dr. Phani Madhuri who is a well known Gynecologist in the region.

Now, we are familiar with the best PCOS treatment centres of major cities across India. But I am pretty sure you can find a suitable healthcare provider in every location these days. PCOS is a complex hormonal disorder which may result in serious health complications in the absence of proper treatment. It is better to get yourself checked at the earliest if you are experiencing the symptoms which are mentioned in the write-up. Following the advice of your doctor and adapting to a PCOS-friendly lifestyle is the only way to manage this condition in the long run.