Maintain Your Skin Health with a Unique Blend of Vitamin C for Skin

Maintain Your Skin Health with a Unique Blend of Vitamin C for Skin Posted On
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In terms of size, your skin is the largest organ in the human body. It constitutes about 15 percent of your total body weight. It is a natural protective mechanism for all organs within your body.

You should always take good care of your skin health to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are unstable compounds produced as a byproduct of different activities carried out in your body. These activities include immune response, metabolism, food digestion, and so on. Inhaled environmental toxins also occur as free radicals in your body.

Free radicals’ instability is due to the odd number of electrons that they have. So to become stable, they have to steal electrons from different molecules in your body. But as they do so, they turn the molecule into a new free radical, resulting in a free radical cascade.

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Natural mechanisms put in place in your body are what prevent you from being overwhelmed with radicals. One of these mechanisms is antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules designed to mop up free radicals in your body. They can be found in plants as well as in animals. But your body also produces a large number of antioxidants called Glucosamine.

Glucosamine is made up of three amino acids – cysteine, glutamine, and glycine. It is produced in high amounts in your body, and it’s in every cell in your body.

How to Maintain Your Skin Health

Skin health can be achieved simply by supplementing the activity of a natural antioxidant (glucosamine) with an external antioxidant. But to ensure maximum support of your skin health, it is good that you use supplements that will specifically support your skin health, like USANA Proflavanol C100.

The abundance of vitamin C for the skin is one of the essential keys to maintaining skin health. Vitamin C supports the production of collagen, which is vital to maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Proflavanol C100 is a perfect blend of vitamin C for skin. It contains a high amount of vitamin C that will ensure daily availability of vitamin C even if your diet consists of poor food choices.

Aside from all that, Proflavanol C100 has a wide range of components. It’s not just a source of vitamin C for skin. It contains other substances that help maintain your skin health the exact way you want it.

This additional component of Proflavanol C100 is proanthocyanidins (which belong to the class of plant nutrients called Flavonoids). Proanthocyanidin is an extract of grapefruits with a strong antioxidant property to maintain skin and general body health.

Benefits of Proflavanol C100

The availability of proanthocyanidins from grapefruits is reduced due to their high molecular weight. The unique blend of Proflavanol C100 as a source of vitamin C for skin and antioxidant for the whole body helps in solving the issue of availability.

Proflavanol C100 contains concentrated, smaller molecules of proanthocyanidins that are easily absorbed compared to larger molecules. Other benefits of Proflavanol C100 include:

  • Maintains proper aging of your skin
  • Supports a healthy heart and muscle function
  • Supports the free flow of blood, oxygen, waste products, and nutrients in your blood vessels
  • Supports the immune system through the production of white blood cells and antibodies.

In conclusion, Proflavanol C100 is a unique combination of vitamin C for skin and antioxidants that maintains skin health directly and indirectly by supporting other activities in your body.

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