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Importance Of Senior Dental Care: Senior Dental Insurance Long Island Ny

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As you age, your dental health is at a higher risk and your teeth need more work for them to remain healthy. The cost of visiting your dentist can be expensive due to the extra work needed. The cost of implants, fillings, crowns, inlays and other dental reconstructive work can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. This can be prohibitive, especially if you don’t have a senior dental insurance Long Island NY.

Finding the right senior dental insurance Long Island NY plan can be quite a challenge. You may have silver fillings that need replacement with inlays or crowns. However, most insurance plans cover approximately $1,500 to $2,000 yearly which isn’t enough if you need major reconstructive work.

Medicare Doesn’t Cover Dental Care for Seniors

Retired seniors transitioning to Medicare often assume that their benefits include a senior dental insurance Long Island NY cover only to find out later that Medicare doesn’t cover even routine dental checkups such as fillings, cleanings, and tooth extractions. It also doesn’t cover dentures or dental devices. It only covers certain procedures that are medically related.

Lost Dental Benefits at Retirement

The Affordable Dental Care Act also known as Obamacare, only requires senior people to have health coverage. The ACA doesn’t require adults to have dental insurance. Therefore, most marketplace insurance plans don’t include dental benefits. While you may obtain a dental policy from the federal health Marketplace, you can only get it as an add-on after purchasing a medical plan. This means that if you’re eligible for Medicare, you can’t claim federal subsidies that will assist you in paying your stand-alone plan.

Most Seniors Pay Dental Care Costs Out of Pocket

Dental expenses are a heavy burden for seniors. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, dental care out of pocket costs for seniors was $870 in 2012. However, the actual numbers can be high, especially if you need complex dental procedures such as crowns, bridges and root canals which can drive up the costs. Due to the high dental care costs, seniors often skip dental visits for long periods of time.

Affordable Discount Dental Plans for Seniors

Dental discount plans are the best alternative for senior dental insurance Long Island NY. Unlike dental insurance, DentalSave discount dental plans are affordable and become active immediately after you sign up as a member. They also don’t have limits on usage, copays or deductibles.

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