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How Beneficial The Protein Shake Powder Is For Non Gym Goers

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Get the go ahead first from dietitian, doctor, or health experts before making protein shakes your regular part of life. It is not like that protein or protein shakes are bad or risky for you but for many people especially who are lactose intolerant, non gym goers, or others can face some critical health issues by using protein shake powder. Protein is an essential nutrient that is needed to almost all the living things on earth as this helps your cells to grow at their best, helps to recover fast from any damage as well. But every nutrient has its own impact on a particular body so always be careful while choosing protein shakes. Maybe you need more protein than your friend no matter if you both have just started the training. Be conscious and avoid falling into the bandwagon or peer pressure while choosing your nutrients and only listen to the experts on that very space. Though you can find protein shake for men and protein shakes for women available in the market as per the factors like gender, age, and physical activities, you must consult with health experts and avoid the attractive advertisements and marketing jargons. Let’s see how beneficial the protein shake powder is for non gym goers.

Protein Shakes:

Let’s see first why protein shake is dominating every single fitness conversation among fitness enthusiasts. It is impossible to avoid protein shake if you are regular in the gym. Nobody can deny the gravitas of it. Fitness enthusiasts usually take the supplement before training, during, and post training. As protein shakes consist of the best proteins available in the market that are easy to consume, fitness enthusiasts choose them for supporting their fitness journey. Including protein shake powder in daily routine helps them to recover their muscle faster than usual. But do these protein supplements work for non gym goers?

What Should You See in Protein Shake For Men & Women?:

Protein shake is an ultimate source of protein which is required for everyone whether he/ she is a gym goer or non gym goer. There are various protein shakes in the market and all of them are made with different ingredients and composition. So be specific about your body’s requirement. If your gender in male, you need to see the things in your protein shake for men like age, ingredients, composition, any banned substances, any substances that are not good for males, expiry dates, your physical activities, dosages, and others. In the same way if you are female, you need to see things in your protein shakes for women like serving sizes, sedentary lifestyle, nutrients including calcium, iron, BCAAs, and their composition. Protein requirement varies as per various factors including lifestyle, physical activity, age, gender, and many more. So, doctor or certified fitness coaches can brief you about what you should choose for protein supplements. Now the question is whether it is also beneficial for non gym goers or not?

Protein Shakes For Non Gym Goers:

People with zero physical activities also need protein to maintain their overall health but their need for protein will be far less than fitness enthusiasts. Not only the protein requirements but also requirements of other nutrients. Muscles also breakdown in the non gym goers bodies that must be taken care otherwise muscles will not develop properly and end up with serious injury. As protein shake is a rich source of protein, you need to be aware of the amount you must take in a day if you are a non gym goer or having a sedentary lifestyle. As per Discovering nutrition by American Dietetic Association, a non gym goer or sedentary lifestyle person needn’t to consume more than 0.36 gram of protein (one pound weight) in a day that means if you have weights of 160 pounds, you should not cross the limits of 57.6 grams protein in a day.  As per huffington post, an average healthy person who weighs 140 pounds needs 50 grams of protein in one day. For a woman the amount is 46 grams in a day and for a man the amount of protein is 56 grams in a day.  So, keep these limitations in mind before taking the protein supplements.

Who should Avoid Protein Shakes:

protein shakes

Avoid those protein shakes which consist of more calories than you required in a day. As you are in a sedentary lifestyle or non gym goers, the calories will store in your body and form stubborn fats. Also ensure the medical conditions allow you to have the protein shakes. If you are lactose intolerant, you must avoid protein shakes which are made of whey or milk or excessive amounts of lactose. For you plant based protein is the best that doesn’t contain lactose. Each gram of protein consists of 4 calories approximately. You will end up gaining weight if you are in a sedentary lifestyle and consume protein shakes more than recommended dosages of a day. Excessive protein intake can lead you to dehydration, if you are not taking the right amount of water, it may be a risk for your kidneys. Along with that it may lead you to osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer. The only rule needs to be remembered while taking the nutrients that these must get absorbed fully.

Yes, non gym goers or people with sedentary lifestyles can take protein shakes but in limited amounts. First they need to know what amount is best suited for them. As protein shake is also a good source of calories along with protein, it gets stored in the unwanted areas of the body as a fat which is really hard to get rid of. But the ideal condition is that you need to do some physical activities if you are taking any supplements whether it is protein supplements or vitamins. This helps you to improve your body and maximize the benefits of the nutrients. So, with some above mentioned precautions, include your protein shake in your daily habit.

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