Good And Bad Effect Of Sun Bath For Men

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You must have seen in movies hum people laying on beaches and exposing themselves to the sun. For people living in Asian countries or middle eastern countries may not relate to this because they try to avoid the sun as much as possible because they get it in extreme form 365 days a. This is because the average temperature in many countries of that region is around 25 to 30 degrees and in summer it can go around 40 to 45 degrees Celsius.

So, the fantasy of doing such things might be relatable to men of the west, it is snowy or chilly winter for most of the year. Hence, they yearn to get exposed to sunlight during summer as bright sunlight is limited for them. Indeed, bathing in the sun has several benefits, but like other aspects of life, it has its negative effects as well.

Recently a photo went viral were an actress shared her burned face due to being exposed to sunlight. So, the risk is everywhere, otherwise just knowing the good effect may lead you to take Fildena 100mg and Vidalista 20 Generic Cialis. Thus, we present before you all a compilation of the good and bad effects of sun bath for men.

Good Effect

Strong bones

This benefit of sun bath was known to us from childhood since we learned that sunlight provides us with Vitamin D. Vitamin D directly does not makes our bones stronger, but it helps the bones to absorb calcium better from the consumed food. And we all know how essential calcium for bones is, lack of calcium can make bones tender, leading to fractures even with slight injuries.

Of course, you don’t want such a life, so sunbathing can surely help in enhancing the calcium concentration of the bones, especially beneficial for men with arthritis and osteoporosis.

Get over Depression

Depression is such a common topic in today’s times that it is relevant to every teenager as well as a senior citizen. One may not know that he is depressed to be proved only by a psychiatrist during diagnosis. There is a scientific reason behind this, depression is easily overcome due to the release of serotonin, on the skin getting exposed to sunlight. Serotonin lifts mood, making you feel calm, cheerful and refreshed.

So, sunbath is not only good for your bones but for your mood as well. Spiritual-minded people have different ways of explaining the same thing differently. They consider getting yourself exposed to the first rays of the sun as a way to refresh one’s mind.

Effective Immune System

For an effective immune system, one needs a significant level of antioxidants to tackle free radicals. Free radicals are molecules released during the breakdown of several biological processes within the body naturally. Free radicals have an unpaired electron that tends to react with cells and tissues instantly often resulting in negative consequences.

Free radicals are the main reason behind heart disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, early ageing signs like wrinkles etc. For antioxidants, men go for medicines, make changes to their diet and whatnot.

Sleep Cycle Restoration

If you are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, and narcolepsy or experiencing symptoms like not getting proper sleep, partial instances of sleep, or sleeping instances at unwanted timings. In the normal sleep cycle, one sleeps at night and alertness is high during the day. But due to addiction, shortage of sleep, lifestyle issues and all other reasons, your sleep cycle may get damaged.

Sleep cycle damage not only makes you mentally ill but affects your overall metabolism. But you may think how the sleep cycle can be restored with sunbath, but indeed it can. After being in sun, during sunrise when the sun goes down, the body feels sleepy and wants rest, thus, making you feel sleepy without taking sleeping pills.

Bad Effects


There is a saying that all fingers are not the same and this is very true. Some people have thin skin whereas others have thick, it differs without any reason. So, some may get sunburn or red rashes. This is why it is advised to use sunscreen before heading out in the sun. And nowadays due to global warming and pollution, the ozone layer has been depleting. Hence, the rays of the sun are not as harmless as it was a few decades ago.

The chances of skin damage have increased, so it is better to apply sunscreen on your full body before heading out in the sun.

Cause Dehydration

Exposing your full body to the sun could reduce the fluid content in your body in the form of sweat. Hence, while you are in the sun, keep drinking water or any non-sugar drink to maintain the water content and avoid dehydration. Otherwise, it may tempt you to take Fildena and Cenforce 200.

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