Emphasize Good Health with Athena Health EMR

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As a healthcare team provider for persons with Athena Spectrum Disorders, we at ATI Health EMR always strive to be the most effective and efficient in managing and delivering our clients’ needs. Our Athena Health EMR department comprises highly trained, highly experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the use of modern technologies to improve the quality of care provided by providers at all levels. Our Athena Health EMR department strives to remain a leader in the development of quality approaches that bridge differences in treatment methods and communication strategies for families as a means of bringing the family together. In doing so, we are not only achieving excellence in our practices. Still, we are also ensuring the inclusion of persons with special needs into all areas of healthcare, thereby achieving equality in the quality and type of care they receive.

Today, Athena Health EMR is a rapidly growing service that allows for exchanging medical records between health teams. Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for providers across various healthcare settings to easily transfer information regarding a patient’s health and conditions from one location to another. Our new patient portal, called the Atlas Registry, helps to create this connection. This new technology makes it easy for physicians, specialists, and team members to access patient data and determine what action to take. Through the patient portal, he can log on to the site at any time and see what care is being administered right now. If something is required, who can perform that care right then and there?

In terms of technology, Athena health’s most recent innovation is the Athena health Electronic Health Records (EHR). The Athena health Electronic Health Record System (EHR) comprises hardware and software that allow for the proper storage and transfer of patient medical records. This new system is designed to help health care teams reduce the time involved in record keeping. As care is more personalized, the need for reduced paper has led to the development of digital files. The Athena health EHR system helps achieve this goal and helps ensure that electronic files are more secure. By implementing password protection and encryption, medical records are safe from thieves and unauthorized retrieval.

The Athena health EMR system has many benefits to offer patients and providers alike. EMR does not only help to streamline the health care delivery, but they also allow for the capturing of patient information at the point of care. This reduces the time spent recording data while reducing data errors. Digital files eliminate the risk of patient injury from the potential of a paper copy being lost or misused.

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Transferring data electronically also reduces the chances of patient records being tampered with or compromised. By securely storing EMR’s and other data, providers reduce the chances that a patient’s records will be tampered with. EMR’s can be backed up on offsite storage sites to ensure that data is still safe even if the main server fails. Offsite storage allows for any missed records to be recovered easily and rapid response to emergencies and patients.

Patients have the option of purchasing a private insurance policy that links them to a health plan through their employer. By linking into a health plan, they can avoid making extra payments each month for their care. By making a monthly premium payment, the care costs are limited. By having insurance coverage for routine health care services, a patient can see the doctor when needed without worrying how much they will be paying. By using the money saved on premiums, patients can purchase vitamins, stress-relieving therapy, and even afford trips to the dentist.

Using a virtual personal assistant (VPA), a medical office can also take advantage of the Athena Health EMR system. The VPA is a virtual assistant that performs the duties of the actual medical assistant. This enables the medical office to outsource administrative tasks such as answering phone calls, filing paperwork, scheduling appointments, and more without hiring and training a full-time staff. By using the Athena system, patients are assured that they will always receive the highest quality care.

To fully utilize their benefits, they must choose an Athena Health EMR system that fits their needs. Care providers should be experienced in implementing these programs, and the technology should be easy to use. By using the Athena Health system, patients are assured of receiving personalized health care. By providing care to a large number of patients, care providers can build a good clientele base. As a result, patients can go to one location for all of their healthcare needs.

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