Are Vapes Better Than Cigarettes?

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Lately, a debate has been hot on the topic of whether vapes are better than cigarettes or not? Those who are technologically driven want to use vapes and find it better, but a few old school people feel that traditional cigarettes have a class of their own. The vape users feel that this is the product of the future and is here to stay for long. We do not have an answer to the debate but yes, we can help you understand the difference and similarities. The main similarity is that both give the satisfaction of using nicotine. One burns the tobacco to form smoke, while the other forms vapours. So, the main content is the same and the usage is also the same. They both have the same clientele.

A Little More About Vapes

There is a set of people who believe that as there is no burning of tobacco so maybe the toxicity of the nicotine is lesser in the vapes. So, it may be less harmful to the user as well. But there is no scientific proof about it. All we know that vapes like VUSE caps; are good for the people around you. As there is no smoke so no cases of passive smoking. These days there are so many people who fall prey to lungs cancer due to the passive smoking they have been doing involuntarily. So at least your loved ones will be free from the effects of nicotine while you enjoy it with them. Also, as no fire is involved this is a safer option.

Why People Prefer Vapes?

  • Looks: the vapes are way more stylish as compared to cigarettes. When the cigarette had started it was a trend among the youngsters to be spotted with one in hand. But not the latest trend is all about VUSE Epens. They come in so many colour options and designs. They easily fit in your pocket and no one will even notice. But if you want the others to notice buy a trendy pop colour and no one shall miss it. Youth is using it to enhance the number of followers on social media.
  • Helps In Quitting: those who try to quit smoking find VUSE epens helpful in this manner. They can use it for a smaller time and there will be no wastage. Like in the case of a traditional cigarette you have to puff off the whole thing in one go. But vapes can be used for a short time and stopped. Also, satisfaction is reached faster in vapes. So, you end up using VUSE caps at a longer interval. This helps those who are quitting by increasing the gaps between sessions.
  • Various Flavour Options: the traditional cigarettes had one tobacco flavour only. The vapes come in many different flavours that can interest you. There are fruit flavours like blueberry, mango, watermelon and a few minty ones also.
  • After Breath: the main problem of using cigarette was that there is a pungent smell of tobacco left on the user which is disturbing to those around. With vapes, this is not the case. In fact, there is a sweet fruity after breath that is welcome by all.


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