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While Alaskans may be aware of the problem of addiction in the state, many may not know how to get assistance. The road to long-lasting recovery starts with seeking out specialized, high-quality addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol treatment from a qualified inpatient drug rehab in Alaska greatly increases the odds that a person struggling with addiction will stop using and enhance their lifestyle and well-being.

Types Of Drug And Alcohol Treatment Programs In Alaska

Intervention Services

Sometimes, the person suffering from a substance use disorder may be in denial about their problem. In such cases, loved ones can seek specialized interventionists’ services to help facilitate a discussion with the person. Interventions are carefully planned and carried out with the help of an interventionist who guides loved ones in sharing their concerns and convincing the person to go into Alaska drug rehab program.

Detox Treatment

Detoxification is simply the first stage of substance abuse treatment. The detox process helps the individual struggling with active alcohol or drug addiction to safely get sober by managing the withdrawal symptoms they may experience. Some detox programs are incorporated into Alaska drug and alcohol treatment programs, so the person receives medically supervised detox services at the start of their residential stay.

Residential Inpatient Treatment

One of the most effective methods to treat addiction in the country is through therapies offered at addiction treatment centers in Alaska. For unique or serious addiction cases, inpatient drug rehab services may be delivered in a hospital setting. More commonly, treatment is provided in homelike residential environments with short-term and long-term program durations. An inpatient drug rehab program in Alaska may last anywhere from six weeks to six months or longer, depending on the person’s needs.

Outpatient Programs

People who are experiencing a substance use disorder in Alaska may also receive treatment on an outpatient basis, visiting a treatment facility during the day and returning home in the evenings. Such programs provide education, medications, and counseling in individual or group settings. Many outpatient programs include intensive day treatment services and a higher level of care for those who require more intensive relapse-prevention support.

Paying For Addiction Treatment In Alaska

Alaska features a wide range of substance abuse treatment programs for individuals of different ages, genders, and socioeconomic statuses. Depending on an individual’s financial circumstances, they can opt to pay for drug and alcohol treatment in Alaska privately, with an individual health insurance plan, through insurance providers such as Medicaid or via employee-assistance programs. Some Alaska drug addiction treatment programs offer scholarships or income-based pricing.

Get Addiction Treatment Help In Alaska

Individuals struggling with addiction in the state of Alaska can take the first step toward recovery by finding qualified substance abuse treatment at a trusted Alaska inpatient drug rehab center. Although the state is geographically widespread, many rehabs in Alaska are available throughout the state to assist those with substance use disorders.

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