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Why Is Dental Implant the Best Tooth Replacement Method?

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There is no argument that dental implants are the most common method to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants will give you a natural look of a missing tooth. They are also exceptionally stable and durable because in this procedure tooth and its roots are rebuilt. Besides the many benefits that dental implants have, there is one defect we can mention, and it is the costs that it brings. However, we see that despite the great price it costs, people still prefer dental implants to other tooth replacement treatments. As dental Implant specialists from 6006 Yonge Dental state, dental implants cost varies highly depending on several influential factors such as the number of necessary dental implants.

Dental Implant Cost

Nowadays, dental implants have perfectly fit into dentistry all around the world. They are known to be one of the most expensive procedures in dentistry in all countries. Many of you may be curious about dental implant prices. How much do they cost really? The answer to this question depends on many factors. The dental surgeon you choose, the quality of dental implants that you prefer, the area you live in, the exact dental procedure you are seeking, the dental insurance, and the number of teeth being replaced are some of the factors that affect the cost of dental implants. While talking about dental implants costs, another question that comes to mind is: Are dental implants worth the high prices? There is a convincing answer to this question. Due to the durability of dental implants, they are definitely worth the costs.

Dental Implant Alternatives

A single missing tooth can change the way you smile, chew and speak. Clearly, you do not wish any of these to happen, do you?  So when you face a missing tooth, it is urgent to take action. Before dental implants were developed, there were at least two more options to replace a missing tooth. Those were dentures and dental bridges. There is no need to emphasize that dental implants are the most efficient, reliable, and successful ones, among other solutions. Recognized as an extraordinary innovation in today’s dentistry, dental implants might not be suitable for everyone however. For example, if you have uncontrolled diabetics or high blood pressure, dental implants are not recommended at all.  Another reason that may stop one from receiving dental implants is its costs. If you don’t have the finances that can afford dental implants, then dentures and dental bridges are your plan B. In the following, we will tell you more about dentures.


If an accident, gum disease, or poor dental hygiene has made you lose one or several teeth, then dentures are a suitable option to replace them. Basically, dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Just like natural teeth, dentures are designed to give back oral function. Generally, two types of dentures include complete dentures and partial dentures. A complete denture is used when all your teeth are missing, while a partial denture is of use when you have some healthy natural teeth remaining, and the rest needs replacement.

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