what comes under full body checkup?

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Have you been to a medical checkup before? Medical checkup is a procedure that you can opt to take in order to check your current health condition. The doctor in charge will be able to tell you whether your health is in a good condition or not, and whether you are suffering from any disease or not. It is like a health scanner. There might be something happening inside our body that is hiding from our attention, so medical checkup will be a good solution here. Usually, a medical checkup is necessary for someone that wants to pursue their study in a new institution or for someone that wants to start a new job. It is to make sure that the individuals are capable of functioning normally. However, some might become confused because there are actually a lot of medical checkup types available worldwide. The best and throughout one is the full body checkup. This type is usually offered in almost every health screening package. So, what exactly comes under a full body checkup? What is included in this package?

Initial consultation

To do a full body checkup, you must register at any healthcare provider such as hospitals and clinics first. After registration, the first thing that the doctor will do is the initial consultation. What exactly is a consultation? It is the most important step in a checkup. Once you meet your doctor, he or she will ask you a couple of questions first. The questions will be the information about yourself. Then, your doctor will ask about your overall health condition in order to know better about your health. If you are having a disease, he or she might ask you more about the disease itself, such as the severity, medications, family history and also your past medical history. This is a session where you need to tell your doctor everything that they need to know. After all, it will become a great help for them because they surely can conclude your health status by using this information.

Vital signs examination

After consultation, you will be asked to undergo a small check that includes checking your vital signs. Usually, vital signs examination includes taking your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and also breathing rate. Based on your initial consultation, your doctor might order you to undergo a further vital signs check if needed. Usually, he or she will also measure your height, weight and waist circumference if they think that this information is necessary.

Physical examination

Now, the doctor will check your physical condition. Certain parts of your body such as the abdomen, lung, heart and vision will be checked. This is to ensure that your body is in a good position. If there is a need to check for other parts that were not mentioned above, your doctor might make you become aware about it first.

Medical test

Depending on your results of physical and vital signs examination, your doctor will determine whether you need to undergo a medical lab test or not. If needed, some samples might need to be taken from you. Usually, tests such as blood test, urine test, glucose test, lung function or kidney function test will be conducted if necessary.


After all the tests have finished, your doctor will decide whether your body is in a good position with no disease or you need to come back for more examinations. If you need to come again, your doctor will explain about your current health condition and they will discuss with you about what to do for the next step.

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