Various International Travel Insurance Options

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There are not many people who do not have a purpose to travel, whether for pleasure or work. Travel has become an essential element of our lives, with both positive and negative consequences. Travel insurance is one approach to mitigate these negative features. It is an often overlooked insurance that protects us against nearly every problem that may arise during our vacation preparations. Better still, you may get travel insurance based on your needs to ensure that all of your risks are covered.

However, there exist various international travel insurance options based on your reason for visiting. Regardless of whether you are travelling for studying, pleasure, or business, obtaining travel insurance is the very first step in protecting yourself against an array of financial losses and risks that may arise during your trip. You may select from a range of international travel insurance policies based on your unique needs.

At Tata AIG, we put forward a host of travel insurance for international travel exclusively tailored for our customers at affordable prices. If you are planning to visit a foreign country anytime soon, make sure you purchase a Tata AIG travel insurance plan based on your purpose of visit and keep yourself protected from every possible mishap.

Various Types of International Travel Insurance Options

You might be a frequent backpacker who enjoys jumping between countries, or you may have waited your entire life for your first overseas journey. There’s a travel insurance plan exclusively designed for you, regardless of your budget or need. Listed below are the various travel insurance options that you may take a look at:

  • Domestic Travel Insurance

This coverage is provided to customers for trips within India. It’s a policy that covers the policyholder in the event of an emergency while travelling. It covers medical emergencies while travelling, death or permanent disability, luggage loss, personal liability, and trip delay. Foreigners having a work visa in India may also acquire this plan to travel within the country.

  • International Travel Insurance

Going abroad has always been a thrilling experience for individuals. Going abroad is exciting since it offers the possibility of new adventures and experiences. However, it also brings with it certain valid concerns and, all too frequently, terrible events such as losing your passport while travelling, or missing a connecting flight. Whatever the difficulty, most international travel insurance policies cover airline cancellation, trip cancellation, luggage loss, and other concerns.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

As the name implies, travel medical insurance is specifically designed to address health-related risks that may arise when travelling overseas. This sort of coverage covers expenditures incurred as a result of health-related issues and other medical crises. However, the specific coverage varies depending on the insurer, and it is critical to understand the advantages before obtaining this plan.

  • Individual Travel Insurance

Just like the name, this coverage is intended for solo travellers or those travelling alone. In comparison to other policies, these are quite inexpensive and provide all of the required benefits to the insured.

  • Student Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for students is designed exclusively for students who are going overseas to pursue their education. It provides full coverage for medical expenditures, passport loss, and other factors that cause study disruptions.

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  • Family Travel Insurance

This plan is designed to insure the entire family under a single insurance policy. It saves both money and time spent on purchasing individual policies for each member of the family. This type of plan often covers the insured individual, their two children, and their spouse. When purchasing this plan, you should clarify the age till the dependents will be insured, as most policies only cover kids up to 21 years. Also, many insurance providers charge a higher premium rate for additional members like elderly parents or over two kids.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance

These are a popular choice among businesses and organisations with a lot of business-related travels. They are also known as annual-multi trip travel insurance. These can be acquired for a group of employees that must often and frequently travel overseas on short notice. Corporate travel insurance policies have reduced prices and practically every required coverage to safeguard such frequent travellers’ trips.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Why should just young people have all the fun? Senior citizens face more risks while travelling than younger travellers, but this should not deter them from discovering the world. It also implies that such travellers require insurance coverage more than ever before and must be provided with choices for worry-free travel. This insurance plan is designed for individuals between the ages of 61 and 70. Along with standard travel insurance, it provides cashless hospitalisation benefits and coverage for dental treatment.

The Key Takeaway

Whatever your reason for travelling, it should be as worry-free as possible. Travel insurance is a godsend for individuals who do not have a stable financial foundation or an emergency fund. In these cases, having decent travel medical insurance policies will assist ensure that exorbitant prices overseas do not get in the way of your travel dreams.

So, what are you holding for? Wave goodbye to your worries and get yourself insured with a robust Tata AIG international travel insurance policy. Contact us to take this alliance forward.