The Benefits of Non 12 Step Rehab in Denver

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There are many sad realities that we are faced with in the area of dealing with the drug abuse crisis. The solution lies in taking proactive steps in various directions. This is rather than being one-sided in our approach towards curbing this menace as this will not get us far enough.

Speaking of addressing the problem in different areas, there are several steps to be taken. Some of them involve:

  • Law enforcement agents using their resources to stop the availability of these addictive substances.
  • Pertinent stakeholders doing more to enlighten people on the odds that come with drug abuse
  • Ensuring that addicts and victims get the needed help
  • Equipping treatment centers to ensure they are fit to offer the needed help

Frankly speaking, there is just so much to be done and all hands must be on deck. This is especially in the face of the increased sad realities brought about by this crisis. For instance, the mortality rate as a result of drug overdose has never been this high in places like Colorado. If you are interested in finding out more about this ugly stat, you can read this article.

There is just so much to be said on the subject of tackling this crisis and this article cannot address it all. However, this article will discuss the benefits of non-12-step rehab in Denver. This is the article anyone who does not know enough or anything about it should be reading.

What Is Non 12 Step Rehab?


These are those kinds of drug addiction treatment programs that are hinged on evidence-based approaches. This is rather than the kinds of treatment approaches hinged on spiritual beliefs.

This is the clear-cut difference between these kinds of rehab programs and the 12-step alternative. A lot of people (addicts and their loved ones) do not buy into the idea of undertaking 12-step rehab programs for several reasons.

Whatever their reasons are, you should know that the evidence-based non-12-step option is tested and trusted. So, addicts stand a chance with such programs especially considering the several benefits involved. A few of these benefits will be highlighted and discussed subsequently so you should keep reading to be well informed.

The Advantages of Non-12-Step Rehab Treatment Programs

Other than this treatment approach discussed primarily in this article, the other alternative is the 12-step rehab program. Understanding the advantages of both will put addicts and their loved ones in a better position to choose the right programs. To this end, the advantages of this approach primarily discussed here include the following:

Eliminates the Spiritual Ideology Problem

We did mention at some point that many addicts and their families are opposed to the idea of a 12-step rehab program. This is for any of several reasons but some of these reasons are quite common.

One of the very common ones has to do with being opposed to religious remarks and ideologies upheld by the facilitators. The truth is that religion and spirituality as a whole is a sensitive subject and so it may be best if it is kept far from the medical practice.

This way, patients and even the therapists can avoid crossing certain religious lines. This is one of the many advantages of non 12 step rehab in Denver and other places within and even outside this country.

Evidence-Based Approaches

One of the best ways to tell the benefits of non 12 step rehab is to compare it with its alternative. To this end, it is a drug abuse treatment approach that is more evidence-based. It is based on facts and figures that are known and that can be worked with.

This is not entirely how its alternative works and this is a major problem. This is especially when it comes to granting licenses to treatment centers that offer treatments based on this approach.

Understanding that the Ball Is in Your Court

There is so much involved in the 12-step rehab approach as a whole and we definitely cannot address them (all). But particularly in comparison to the non 12 step approach, it preaches that recovery can only happen with the help of a supreme/divine being.

This is not how it works with the approach discussed primarily in this article. You should even know that this approach maintains that there are triggers for this addiction problem. It maintains that dealing with these triggers will go a long way in helping you recover.

But in addition to this, it operates based on the knowledge that recovery is a lifelong process. In other words, it is very realistic. Its alternative on the other hand is based on a lot of spiritual principles that suggest recovery can happen even once and for all.

Lots of Effective Approaches

Non 12 step rehab approach is a combination of lots of treatment approaches. However, the fact that they are all evidence-based and rid of spiritual principles is what they have in common.

There are several treatment approaches because there are different strokes for different folks. The approach that works well for one addict might not produce as much success with another. This is why there are so many of them.

Another good thing about the non-12-step rehab system is that it usually combines more than one approach. Some of the approaches used include:

  • Experiential therapies which include things like music, dance, nature, and art – therapy
  • Self-management
  • Holistic methods such as reflexology, meditation, mindfulness, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and massage
  • Psychotherapy such as Psychodynamic, Dialectical Behavior, and Cognitive Behavioral – Therapy

As mentioned several times here, all these sub-approaches are evidence-based and this matters a lot. This is as long as it is a non-12 step treatment program.


Some downsides come with using 12-step programs for treating addicts. These downsides are majorly in the area of using approaches that are not evidence-based and only about spiritual beliefs. For more on this subject, you can visit:

For this reason among others, addicts should use treatments based on non-12-step rehab programs. Light has been shed on this and we hope you make the right decisions bearing this in mind.

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