Penile Torsion Surgery: How Do You Pick the Best Service?

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Are you concerned about your baby’s penis? It is normal for parents to feel nervous about their babies. The little marvels can’t clearly communicate, and whenever they cry, parents are left with a pile of questions. Is the baby hungry, needs a diaper change, or is sleepy? Those are among the common questions. However, while considering their physical state, you might notice the penis shape and feel like it is unusual. Don’t discount it; it could be a minor problem like penile torsion or a more pressing concern that might have slipped off and need immediate attention.

Penile torsion cause and correction

Penile torsion is among the common issues many parents face. It is a problem that’s present from birth, affecting many male infants. Penile torsion is a condition characterized by a twist of the baby’s penis, or it appears rotated, usually counter-clockwise (to the left). It occurs when the skin and connective tissues of the penis fail to form right during the development period while in the womb. Penile torsion could be mild or severe. It is most apparent on an uncircumcised penis. As such, as you consider circumcision, it is advisable to inspect your baby’s penis, and if you are concerned, talk to your doctor.

While penile torsion could be a solitary issue, it could also be associated with other congenital penis conditions. The other problems include hypospadias (urethra opening not located at the tip), hooded prepuce (incomplete/misshapen foreskin), and congenital chordee, also known as penile curvature. Penile torsion could be mild, less than 45 degrees, or featuring over 90 degrees rotation. Apart from the unusual appearance, it makes it challenging for your baby to urinate. As such, correcting penile torsion shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, you don’t want your baby to feel embarrassed by the penis appearance. In mild cases, penile degloving with re-attachment could be all your baby needs.

If penile torsion is 90 degrees or more, it is corrected through surgery. Like any other surgery, there are risks and compilations. Bleeding and the risk of infection are the most common issues. As such, you can’t entrust your baby to any doctor to perform the surgery. Here are some pointers to help you pick the best service.

Experience and expertise

Penile torsion surgery doesn’t sound a serious as an organ transplant. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean anyone can perform the procedure. Academic background and experience count ensuring that the process is safe and effective. Check out who is on a service’s team, their academic qualifications, and how long they’ve been in the field. An experienced expert won’t use your baby’s case as a learning opportunity. They know the ins and outs of the procedure from the years they’ve been operating. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your baby is in safe hands.

Support service

Hypospadias Repair Experts

Penile torsion correction is more than surgery. You want to know more, feel prepared and confident. Consultation helps you understand the situation, risks, and options. You might be afraid that surgery isn’t the best option for your baby. But with a knowledgeable support team, you’ll learn more about the procedure and why it is important. If you weren’t treated politely and professionally during the consultation, what makes you think the surgery will be different? Friendly support, or lack thereof, can make or frustrate the process. Find a service with a support team that’s eager to listen to your concerns and thoroughly answer any questions you might have. This will prepare you for the surgery and recovery period.


The medical field has come a long way. Today, the bet services boast cutting-edge technology. The advancements make the processes more comfortable and effective. Modern tools are a must-have for any surgery, limiting the potential risks and complications. Apart from the tools and expertise, see if they are clean. Proper hygiene can’t be overlooked, keeping in mind that most complications like infections arise due to exposure to foreign substances.


Doe the service offer outstanding services? User reviews reveal a lot. Read through as many testimonials as you can. This will give you an idea about what the service offers and their clients’ satisfaction rates. If you spot many complaints, steer clear.

Penile torsion surgery helps you ensure that your child spots a normal penis shape and can easily urinate. This will improve the quality of their life, not only as a baby but after they are all grown. You’ll find the best service and realize a smooth penile torsion repair process with the above pointers.

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