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Necessary Information Before Whitening Your Teeth

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As society’s focus on social appearance and general hygiene is becoming greater and greater, people start to pay more attention to their dental situation, especially in visual aspects. Your teeth’ color might be changed, or you notice some dental spots caused by many reasons, but generally, they are total destroyers for your smile. Nobody is interested in smiling when the teeth are discolored and yellowed, and it undoubtedly leads to a lack of confidence and many other issues. Pursuant to a professional of teeth whitening in Vancouver, tooth discoloration is entirely normal, and most people can’t avoid it according to the regular diet and lifestyle. Fortunately, dentistry developments cause many opportunities for people with different dental issues, including those who suffer from teeth discoloration and want to have their white and shiny smiles back. The teeth whitening process, considered one of the most straightforward dental procedures, is the answer to this problem that can give their beautiful smile back. Teeth whitening is widely used for people who experience tooth staining and discoloration, but it has its limits too. You need to be informed if you are a candidate to whiten your teeth or not to prevent any further problems. Although your teeth whitening dentist explains your situation clearly, it’s better to have information yourself.

Who is a candidate for a teeth whitening procedure?

In general, you need to have healthy teeth and good oral condition to have teeth whitening treatment.

  • Dental fillings: As a dentist who offers teeth whitening in Oakville states, patients with many teeth which have fillings that aren’t covered by dental restorations aren’t acceptable for a cosmetic dentist to perform teething whitening procedures.
  • Gum disease: if your cosmetic dentist recognizes severe issues connected to your gum, he won’t see you as a candidate for teeth whitening unless you treat your problem. Gum disease can get worse and more severe in case of having a whitening treatment.

Fortunately, both programs are solvable if your dentist refers you to a related professional. Having dental restorations for your fillings and treating your gum disease by a skilled endodontist can make a suitable situation to have teeth whitening treatment.

Who isn’t a good candidate for teeth whitening treatment?

In some cases, some people aren’t able to have a teeth whitening treatment, or their treatment will be less successful.

  • Children under 16: your whitening dentist shouldn’t accept you if you are under 16. In these pages, the dental pulp chamber is not as large as the chamber pulp in adults, leading to severe sensitivity.
  • People with allergies: it’s essential to report your dentist if you have specific allergies or sensitive teeth. Your dentist should be completely aware of your condition to prevent serious problems. Usually, people with allergies to peroxide can’t have teeth whitening treatment as it’s the primary substance in this process.
  • Pregnant and lactating women: it’s not recommended to have teeth whitening treatment for your baby’s health if you are pregnant or lactating.

Although all those points, it’s better to have a personal consult with a reliable cosmetic or teeth whitening dentist to get a better outcome.

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