How Can a Physician Recruiter Help a New Doctor?

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For recently graduated doctors, finding their first position as a physician can be challenging. A physician recruiter can help. One way in which they can help is by helping a new doctor find suitable locum tenens positions. This is a good way for a new doctor to boost their income and start a career that covers the shifts that hospitals and clinics need covering. Temporary positions may be due to the absence of a regular doctor or filling a position while the healthcare facility searches for a permanent replacement.

Locum Tenens

When a doctor works as a locum specialist, they do all their work using the equipment, laboratory services, etc. provided by the hiring institution. They can do this through a professional medical recruitment organization, or they can work with an independent physician recruiter.


There are many opportunities for doctors to provide temporary cover for other medical professionals. Often GPs with their own practice, or small rural health centers, make arrangements to ensure that everyone has access to medical services in the absence of their resident doctor. This ensures that community health care is always available and patients do not need to travel elsewhere to receive attention.


The substitute doctor must be able to provide a similar standard of care for patients to that offered by the regular doctor, such as birth control, prenatal care, and maternity care.

The exact details of the work are set out in a contract, agreed between the doctor and recruiter. Normally it outlines fees and hourly wages, as well as any special clauses required by the doctor, recruiter, or healthcare facility.

It is important to read the contract carefully to ensure that all conditions are fully understood. Consideration must be given, among other things, to who is responsible for insuring medical errors, what kind of hours of work are to be expected, and whether the doctor is paid directly or through an agency.

Why Do Doctors Work as Locums?

The work of a locum doctor is interesting because it exposes doctors to all kinds of people and clinical environments, both in and out of their local area. This type of work also provides a greater degree of flexibility regarding hours worked, responsibilities, and pay. Some doctors make a full-time career out of working in locum tenens.

How Do Patients Feel About Locum Doctors?

Some patients may feel uncomfortable when attended by a locum. This may be for various reasons; for example, a long term relationship with their regular doctor, special arrangements for billing, or a complicated medical history. But they should remember that even a locum doctor has the same capacity and medical training as their regular physician.

The Demand for Locums Is Growing

It is beneficial for practice managers to be able to manage emergencies via locums when regular doctors are not available. This has led to a constant demand for qualified medical professionals to provide temporary for patients.

Many doctors have temporary jobs in medical facilities and practices, and recruitment is booming. The term “locum tenen” is Latin and means “replacement” and refers to doctors who hold temporary positions in medical institutions or practices. These doctors may work as long as they want with the healthcare provider they are assigned to.

Some jobs are in states where doctors are already certified and trained, but some require additional training. In some cases, a doctor may choose to travel across the country to take p a locum position, if the opportunity is appealing.

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