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Advanced Weight Training Tips – 5 Effective Ways To Achieve Maximum Results

Advanced Weight Training Tips – 5 Effective Ways To Achieve Maximum Results Posted On
Posted By Steffy Alen

If you already have a good strength level, the common nutritional and weight lifting advice is no longer useful to you. You need to make better and more effective changes. This is because as you get close to the peak of your genetic potential, making consistent gain becomes harder. For example, deadlifting about 3 times your bodyweight could be an enormous achievement if you are able to add another 5-10 lbs.

Below are the ways you can boost your strength to increase your numbers as an advanced weight lifter.

Train With Stronger Buddies

Most times, strength has to do with your mental capability. For the strongest people at the fitness centers, there is a limit to how fast and how far they can progress. However, for people that are the weakest at the gym, it is easier for them to get stronger, even if they are just squatting well more than 300 lbs.

This is because the other people they are training with will bring them up to their own abilities. This will further unlock their full potential. So, for someone like you who is looking to go to the next level, it will be in your best interest if you switch gyms and start training with elite athletes.

If you can’t do that, then pay a visit to a top facility for some days and have yourself surrounded with the right mindset and right people. This way, you will end up returning home better than before.

Take A Step Back To Take-Two Forward

You are likely to initially lose some strength if you alter your preparations, exercise technique, or program. However, it is going to be in the short term while you are trying to practice and adjust.

There are even times you may need to put a stop to the main lifts as well. If the short term drop in numbers result in more progress and a smaller amount of injuries in the future, will you be willing to take a step backward?

You have to think long-term. The journey of weight training is filled with ups-and-downs. If you want to be the best, you have to be willing to weather the storm.

Better Nutrition

Eat healthily. This isn’t exactly going to make you stronger. However, it will help you reach your muscle-repairing and muscle-building potential. Good nutrition will not only give your body the necessary fuel that is required for your growth but also the energy to crush your workouts. This is another reason while recovery is important to advanced trainees.

Take enough protein, especially the ones that come from healthy sources such as good protein powders to lean meats. Eat plenty of colorful veggies and whole grains. Choose good fats and drink plenty of water. This might appear simple but a lot of guys find it hard to nail their diet, which negatively affects their progress.

For pre or post-workout game-changer drink, try rooibos red tea recipes. It has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve the pains and aches that come with working out. The African red tea also has calcium, manganese and fluoride, which will help you maintain health skeletal structure and prevent bone diseases.

What and When to Eat for Weight Training

Analyze Your Technique

Analyze your technique by asking experts or watching a video. As you start squatting 2x your body weight, there will be a limit to how quickly you can build strength and how much strength you build.

Instead of this, look for ways to optimize your technique. Check twice to make sure that the right parts of your body are involved in your driving and you are in the correct position.

You may videotape yourself from every angle and learn the best by attending lifting clinic. Some inputs from a professional can help you prevent injuries and make you lift more weight instantly.

Hard Training, Hard Recovery

After brutal training sessions, there’s a need for a full recovery. So, improve your ability to do this.  It will help you to express more power and strength when you workout.

Most guys don’t take the time to recover well, regardless of how strong they are due to their overactive minds and stressed bodies. You need to apply the same effort that you put on your workout to your rest as well.

Get seven or more hours of good sleep every night. Do light mobility daily to keep your body nimble and fresh. Light aerobic exercise will help to keep your heart healthy and flush your muscles. With these, you will get to relax your nervous system.

Take Away

As an advanced trainee, do workouts that will help to increase your explosiveness. Use power exercises and speed. Focus on your breathing; take a full deep breath and exhale.  These help to increase your endurance, oxygen levels, and balance. Learn to address your weakest links by prioritizing accessory workouts to correct any limitations and bring in variety to your fitness program.

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