7 Ways to Manage Stress Using Cannabis

7 Ways to Manage Stress Using Cannabis Posted On
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Getting Out Of Psychological “Ruts”

Here’s the truth: the majority of stress we feel is our own fault. We stress ourselves out by setting expectations too high. We stress ourselves out by imagining fictional scenarios that never come to fruition. We stress ourselves out by giving vent to phobias, and even imagining in too much detail what real fallout of real dangers may be.

If you’re about to go on a drive, and you continuously imagine a semi-truck coming out of an alley and turning you into a paste, that might make you skittish behind the wheel. If you’re about to go to the beach and you watch all four Jaws movies on repeat the day before, that might make you skittish in the water. You see the pattern here?

There’s an old saying: as someone thinks of themselves deep inside, so they become. You could also say: “you are what you eat”. It turns out science backs this sentiment up through what’s known as epigenetic processes. You can see it if you hit the gym: work out, you get muscles. Stay in the sun, you get tanned or burnt (depending).

We become what we do. So if our thoughts endlessly revolve around stressful circumstances, then we will propound our own stress. But if we can instead focus our minds on that which is conducive to stress-free living, this condition will likewise expand. Cannabis can help, here we’ll explore seven ways.

Topical Application To Relieve Pain

CBD and THC can be topically applied and absorbed by the body. Primarily, CBD has no psychoactive effects, and tends to work on nervous system receptors in the body associated with pain. Topically, CBD can assuage aches, pains, and even chronic issues like those tied up in arthritis. Reduced pain leads to reduced stress.

Aromatically – Stress Reduction Without Smoke Inhalation

The terpenes in varying strains of marijuana tend to be that which gives it its aroma. Some dislike the aroma, but if you’re a regular user of cannabis products, that smell may just act in a psychosomatic way that’s therapeutic. If you’re in a situation where you’re not legally allowed to ingest cannabis on the job, or it’s too dangerous to, aromatic solutions could help.

The smell triggers your subconscious, and even though you’re not “actually” high, you might find there’s a mild placebo effect. This can alleviate stress without reducing your sobriety. That said, it will likely make you a bit desirous of the psychoactive high, so be careful. It’s like smelling coffee when you haven’t had a cup yet. Eventually, you’ll want a cup.

Through Edible Arrangements Or THC Pills

Edibles or pills are a fine way to ingest cannabis products that get you “high” in a healthy way. The thing is, with both pills and edibles, dosage is hard to moderate. Depending on your age, your gender, and your weight, the speed at which THC begins to affect the mind tends to differ. Accordingly, you might take a pill or eat a cookie, wait an hour, then take another.

Then, ninety minutes after you ingested that first “edible”, the THC kicks in, and you realize you’ve taken too much. That tends to be what happens; so though this method helps alleviate stress, if you’re not careful, you can “psych” yourself out by taking too much incidentally. You’ll want to be careful with this method.

Various Classic Smoking Methods

Of course, there are always pipes, bongs, bubblers, one-hitters, joints, blunts, and pinners. You can sign up for a subscription box that provides conventional smoking materials in a discrete way. This is perhaps the most classic way to ingest marijuana as a means of mitigating stress.

Through Vaporization – All-Day Slow-Rolling

Technologically speaking, cannabis ingestion need not come through edibles, topicals, or smokables. Solutions in “vaping” THC now exist, and these can get you exceptionally high. You can reduce stress accordingly. People who “vape” THC are able to do so more regularly than some of the other methods on this list.

You can “vape” all day, managing your stress. That said, this option is likely to foster a sort of dependency that can make you feel stressed if you lose your vape pen or run out of marijuana products. So be careful here. Dependency doesn’t foster stress reduction, generally speaking; it just forestalls it.

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Sporadically As A Sort Of Monthly Or Yearly “Reset”

On the other hand, you can use cannabis in a recreational capacity every month or a few times a year. It can be an anodyne for those stressful situations that are extreme and rare. Or, you can use it a few times a year regardless of the stress involved as a way of simply “resetting” yourself.

Varying CBD Supplementation For General Peace Of Mind

CBD isn’t psychoactive, but because it alleviates pain, it can collaterally reduce associated stress. There are CBD pills, ointments, and even CBD “cigarettes”; all of which tend to reduce stress.

Stress Reduction Through Cannabis
Cannabis can alleviate stress through pain reduction, aromatic effects, edible arrangements facilitating psychoactive results, traditional highs, vaporization, sporadic use, or collateral peace through reduction in discomfort. If you’ve got stress issues, you might consider exploring solutions in Cannabis.

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