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5 Common Mistakes Causing Hair Fall

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Hair fall is common. We lose hair strands every single day and it’s pretty normal. However, if this hair fall never stops and the number of strands you see in your comb is increasing then this might be something to worry about.

Hair fall can occur due to many reasons and severe hair fall can turn into hair loss at any time. This long term hair loss can be the worst to deal with. It not only affects your overall appearance but can make you less confident.

When you lose all hair, you only have one option that is known as hair transplant. I remember my uncle who lost all his hair in the mid-20s got a hair transplant in Lahore. Little did he know that only if he took care of his hair health, complete hair loss could be prevented.

Everyday Mistakes that Cause Hair Loss?

A part of hair loss comes from everyday mistakes that can result in hair loss. Here are some of the common hair fall mistakes that you need to avoid to keep enjoying better hair health.

1- Brushing Your Hair Wrong

We brush our hair every day and doing it wrong is probably one of the biggest mistakes that can be the cause of unintended hair fall that may turn into hair loss anytime. If you choose the wrong hairbrush and use it vigorously on your scalp, then you can’t avoid hair fall. Further, not brushing your hair frequently can be your other hair fall mistake as entangled hair is difficult to brush and causes more hair to fall out. Another tip that can help you is probably not brushing wet hair to stop hair fall immediately.

2- Choosing The Wrong Hair Care Products

Hair Care products come in all shapes and sizes, I mean bottles. You may find hundreds of colourful bottles on store shelves claiming to contain different ingredients and fixing all your hair problems instantly. However, the choice of hair care products can create all the differences. If you have chosen the same hair care products for years, you are less likely to benefit from its ingredients. Further, hair care products that don’t suit your hair show signs and symptoms and ignoring these signs and symptoms can be your mistake and can cause damage to your hair health.

3- Keeping Long Hair

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Hair length varies according to personal preferences and some people are fond of long hair. However, keeping long hair can be a reason for hair fall in men without them realizing it. So, if you are just trying to keep long hair, then you must be considerate about your hair fall. If you constantly experience more and more hair strands falling out from your scalp, then cut your hair short to prevent further hair fall.

4- Stress

Stress is bad for you and can make you feel exhausted not only physically but mentally. A part of everyday stress impacts your hair health and hair fall due to stress is more common than you think. So, if you think that spending hours of your day overthinking will not harm your hair strands, then you are probably mistaken. Make sure you manage your stress effectively and enjoy good hair health again.

5- Poor Dietary Choices

The kind of food you eat has a great impact on your hair strands. A nutritionally sufficient diet can provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep your scalp healthy and keep your hair strands intact. Thus, a diet deficient in essential nutrients can be surely one reason that you are experiencing hair fall. Not paying enough attention to your dietary habits can be the cause of your unintended hair fall.

Bottom Line!

Hair health is important for us and most of us are concerned about it. We all dream of having thick, long luscious hair strands but can’t have it sometimes because it’s not in our genes or other times because of our habits. These everyday mistakes can be the reason for you but the good news is that you can mend these and enjoy good hair health again. Further, you can consult your physician if you experience continuous hair fall.

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