10 Most Common Cycling Injuries and How to Treat Them

10 Most Common Cycling Injuries and How to Treat Them Posted On
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Riding a bicycle is fun, but that does not mean injuries can’t occur. Many people are often so carried away with the euphoria of riding the bicycle pedals with their feet and gliding down a steep road that they lose focus and get injured in the process. Injuries involved in cycling are not too serious, but that does not mean they can’t be avoided. But in an accident that leads to injuries, it is important to know how to treat them. That is why we will be looking at ten of the most common injuries involved in cycling and how they can be treated.

Hand Pain

This is one of the most common cycling injuries. You can experience weakness in your fingers and wrist. This can be a result of the irritation of the wrist when pedaling. To avoid this, try as much as possible to change the grip position frequently.

Low Back Pain

Cycling for a long period with a particular sitting posture can lead to low back pain. A cyclist should have intermittent breaks and not ride for too long.

Hip Pain

This can also be a result of prolonged sitting posture. It can reduce the flexibility of the hip bone, which causes hip pain. To avoid tension, one way to treat it is to ensure that the saddle position is at the right height.

Neck Pain

This is also a frequently occurring injury, especially when you fall off your bicycle. It is difficult and sometimes risky to twist your neck when cycling. That is why it is advisable to do gentle stretches on the neck from time to time to ease the muscles along the spine.

Ankle Pain

One of the difficult tasks involved in cycling is peddling. The ankle is the part of the leg that is most affected when pedaling is done excessively. You should rest the ankle to avoid irritation.

Knee Pain

Injuries to the knee are one of the most severe injuries involved in cycling. They take a long period to heal. It is important to keep the knee and kneecap in good shape. Doing knee stretches helps in avoiding knee pain or ache.

Saddle Sore

Riding a bicycle consistently without taking the required break can lead to sores. The saddle sore is a result of continuous function between the backside and the saddle.

Foot Numbness

Cycling can result in loss of sensation in the foot area, especially after cycling for a short period. The nerves in the foot area can be rendered inactive. You can change the route you take when riding so that you can cover a longer distance.

AC Joint Sprain

This is pain occurring at the tip of the shoulder region. This mainly occurs during the case of an accident (when you fall off your bike). It is advisable to see a health professional in this case.

Forearm Pain

When cycling through a steep road, there can be an occurrence of sharp pain in the forearm. This can be avoidable by changing your road pattern.

Wrapping up

All these injuries can occur in cycling, but they can be avoided if you practice all the safety routines and have made sure you’ve made appropriate Bike Fit adjustment to perform proper adjustments

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