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10 Lice and Dandruff Tips You Need to Learn Now

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Head lice are the most common and sometimes become serious problems that usually affect school-aged children and their families. The lice can be infested in anyone’s child’s head. When it comes to lice, it does not matter that if the hair is clean or dirty. Head lice are found anywhere worldwide, such as in schools, homes, or the country or cities.

The head lice cannot cause any serious illness. Head lice can also be treated at home easily. If we talk about dandruff so, in this way, dandruff is common in all people, from children to adults. So there are 10 lice and dandruff tips you need to learn now,

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny, and wingless insects live in human hairs and feed on blood from the scalp. Head lice are the most common problem, especially for little kids. But that does not mean that lice can’t affect teens because teens can get them too.

The lice can spread easily from person to person, and sometimes it is tough to get rid of the lice. The bite of the lice can make your child or adult scalp itchy and irritated, and as well as scratching can also lead to infection.

 Life Cycle of Lice:

Head lice can live in your head for about 28 days. The lice develop in three phases. The three phases include egg, nymph, and adult louse.

Eggs or nit reproduce in 6 to 9 days; eggs are commonly found within mm 4 to 6mm of the scalp and do not survive if they are farther away. If we talk about nymphs, then the nymph is like the adult head louse, but it is much smaller. According to the research, Nymphs become adults about 7 days after hatching. When we talk about adult lice, adult lice are fast and can lay more than 10 eggs a day.

How Command on Head Lice?

Head lice are very common in preschool school-aged students, but they are also found in adults. Every year a lot of school-aged children in the world get infected by head lice. Anyone can get infected with head lice, and they are found worldwide.

Signs of Head Lice:

The very first sign of the head lice is continuous scratching that occurs behind your child’s ears or on the back of your little one’s neck is a sign of lice, so you need to investigate.

If your child feels that something is moving in or tickling their hair, you should take a closer look. Sores on the head of your child are also a sign of head lice. Some other symptoms of lice include

If you find the nits or little white lice eggs that are just like dandruff in your child’s hair, then in this way, they stick to the roots of the hair and the hair shaft.

How Do Lice Spread?

Lice are a small parasite, and they cannot fly and jump, so they can only be spread by head-to-head contact.  But they can also be spread by sharing your belongings includes combs, brushes, and hats.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is the most common condition that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. The dandruff is not contagious or serious. But dandruff can be embarrassing and difficult to treat. Mild dandruff can be easily treated with the help of gentle shampoo.

If it does not work, a medicated shampoo may help. When the small bits of dry skin are shed from the scalp, then this is called dandruff. Dandruff makes your scalp itchy too. It is the most common form found in all ages, from child to adult.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that comes from plants. The tea tree oil is used to treat different conditions, such as acne, athlete’s foot, and dermatitis. Using tea tree oil has overcome dandruff and shows effective results.

Gentle the Counter Shampoo:

To reduce the oil and skin cell buildup, you have to wash your hair daily with the help of gentle shampoo. Gentle shampoo is very effective against dandruff and has shown very effective results in reducing and completely cleaning dandruff.

Eat Healthily:

Eating a healthy diet is also effective against dandruff. Dandruff can also be the reason for a poor diet. So in this way, it is recommended to eat food that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and biotin.

A diet rich in omega 3, protein, and biotin helps you maintain the proper scalp and healthy hair.

Visit Dermatologist:

It is the best idea to consult and make an appointment with an experienced and reputed dermatologist. If your dandruff is too much and out of control, then in such cases, an expert will be able to provide you with the solution, so don’t hesitate before consulting the dermatologist.

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